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4 Important Elements for Choosing Tile for Heavy Traffic Areas & Businesses

You’re replacing your storefront’s flooring and tile has come up as a great option – and it is. Tile is durable, long-lasting, and will hold its beauty for years to come.

But did you know that not all tile was created the same? Certain types of tile won’t hold up as well for high traffic areas, like your business. Here’s how to choose tile for heavy traffic areas.

1. Durability

First and foremost, it’s important that you pay attention to how durable the tile is. Look to the PEI scale and choose a class 4 or class 5 tile, which will give you a more commercial-suited, high traffic, durable option. (Class 3 tiles are best suited for for light commercial flooring, so these would be acceptable for office areas, away from the heavy foot traffic of customers.)

2. Texture & Safety

A tile’s texture has a big impact on its safety for your customers. Textured tiles tend to have more grip and traction than perfectly smooth, slippery tiles.

Consider whether customers will be tracking in rainy boots from outside, or will they pass through a carpeted hallway before entering your space? This will help you decide what direction is better suited for the best safety in your business.

3. Design

It’s important that, as a business, you don’t disregard design. Choose a tile that is durable and safe, but that also fits the look and feel of your commercial space.

Color comes into play here, in particular, as it will help define the design and also affect durability and cleanliness. For example, it’s going to be a lot more obvious when your floors have a little dirt with a light colored tile, compared to a dark colored one. Conversely, however, dark colored tiles may make your space feel smaller. For that reason, a mixed color design is often a good compromise for storefronts.

4. Grout

Just like tile, not all grout options are created equal, either. Don’t miss the five tips you should know about grout for your business.

Choosing tile for your commercial space doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Pay attention to these four key areas when choosing tile for your business’s storefront and you’ll be happy with the outcome.

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