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5 Tips You Should Know About Grout in Your Business

If your business has existing tile or you plan to add or change the tile, do you know the importance of grout within the space? Many business owners aren’t sure about grout basics in their commercial space and end up making mistakes because of it.

Never fear…Tough Grout is here to answer any questions you may have about grout within your business space. To start, here are five tips you should know about commercial grouting.

  1. Be mindful of design.

    Your flooring or wall tile and grout will say a lot about the design in your business space. There are plenty of decisions that need to be made when it comes to design, and this is a vital one.

    When it comes to your grout color, you can choose to match it to your tile, contrast in color, or go neutral. Grout, a seemingly small yet impactful part of your overall store design, can say you are creative or bold (contrasting color), traditional (matching), or modern (neutral) as a business.

  2. Understand grout options.

    Not only do you have plenty of grout color options, but you can also choose what type of grout is best for your business. While a professional grout installer can certainly recommend what type is best for your company’s space, here are some general guidelines:

    • Epoxy grout: Durable and resistant to stains and water damage, epoxy grout can stand the test of the harsh chemicals in cleaners. Slightly more expensive, you also don’t need to worry about adding a sealer with this option, as it is already built in. Epoxy is generally the preferred choice for areas that will experience a lot of moisture and food preparation.
    • Sanded grout: Sanded grout can help make grout more resistant to cracks and breakage. This grout can also help areas in your store become more slip resistant, as sand is literally added to the mixture. This type of grout is often recommended for areas that have grout lines greater than ⅛ inch.
    • Non-sanded grout: Conversely, just as the name states, non-sanded grout does not have sand added to it. Typically, this option is recommended for grout lines less than ⅛ inch; as those with larger spacing are more likely to crack. In addition, non-sanded grout is perfect for wall installations, as there is no need for the slip resistance and it tends to be easier to apply than its sanded counterpart.
  3. Extend the life of your flooring or walls.

    In order to extend the life of your storefront’s flooring or wall tile and grout, it’s critical you take a few important steps.

    First, do your due diligence and seal your grout to protect it from damage, stains, and discoloration. You can also choose to change the color of your grout (link to previous post) over time by re-sealing your grout.

    Next, make sure you regularly clean your store’s tile and grout of dirt and other contaminants to ensure the longest life possible for both.

  4. Enhance your company’s first impression.

    When potential customers walk in your doors, they’re thinking about your business credibility, products, and services to determine whether they want to work with you.

    But what about their first impression? What do potential clients think just after walking in the door? Think about how your flooring or wall tile could make a great first impression – or send potential customers right back out the door.

    Whether you need to do a better job of cleaning your flooring or walls, or you are in need of replacing your tile and grout, make the investment for the best first impression possible.

  5. Help your business sparkle and shine.

    Once you’ve made the investment to re-grout or nicely grout your new tile floor, make sure you don’t forget to regularly clean it to keep it looking brand new! Put in the elbow grease – or find a trustworthy company – to regular clean and restore your grout when the time comes.

    It’s important you don’t miss this step as regular cleaning and maintenance will help your tiling and grout last for years to come, as well as wow your customers each time they come into your store.

Keep these five tips in mind as you restore or have your grout installed for the first time for your company.

If you have any questions, Tough Grout is here to help. Get a free quote today to learn more about our commercial grout and tile restoration services for your business.

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