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Maine Grout & Tile Restoration Tips

Can I Use Grout Sealer for Hairline Grout Cracks?

Hairline grout cracks can be frustrating, but can turn into much larger cracks - or larger problems - if left untreated. Read on to learn more about how to fix hairline grout cracks. Can you use grout sealer for hairline grout cracks? First: a question we...

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How to Fix Cracked Grout in the Shower

Not only is cracked grout in your shower unsightly, it can also cause mold or mildew build up and bigger problems in the future. What may be worse? The cause of your cracked grout could be underlying structural or plumbing issues. The best thing you can do...

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Can I grout over existing grout?

Whether there’s a hairline crack or broken grout in your tile work, it’s important to fix the issue immediately, as these small cracks will grow or cause larger issues in the future. If you’re taking matters into your own hands, your inclination may be to...

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5 Tile Installation Issues You Want to Avoid

Installing tile yourself is no easy task. For our Do It Yourselfers, however, wall or flooring tile installation is a project that will give you a huge sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately, there are plenty of ways to make your tiling job look like an...

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Our 5 Step-by-Step Process for DIY Grouting

For the DIYers of the world, it’s important to follow the right steps when grouting your tile. Skipping steps or not following them properly may just mean your grout will end up looking terrible. (And no one wants that!) Start by reading our post about...

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