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Can I Use Grout Sealer for Hairline Grout Cracks?

Hairline grout cracks can be frustrating, but can turn into much larger cracks – or larger problems – if left untreated. Read on to learn more about how to fix hairline grout cracks.

Can you use grout sealer for hairline grout cracks?

First: a question we get from our DIY customers: can you use grout sealer to repair hairline grout cracks?

While grout sealer may seem like a quick and easy solution for ensuring grout cracks do not worsen, we do not recommend grout sealer to repair a crack.

Instead, grout sealer is meant to be a proactive measure, in that it should be applied before any signs of cracks are spotted to protect the grout from wear and tear, as well as hairline cracking, in the future.

Can you use caulk to repair hairline grout cracks?

Another option we hear? Can you use caulk to repair hairline grout cracks?

Technically, yes. However, you will likely need to remove the affected area of grout first, before applying any caulk.

For that reason, many of our DIYers don’t like this option as the goal is to save as much time as possible. In other words, the real question is: can I apply caulk over a hairline grout crack to fix it? We would not recommend that, no.

How to (really) fix hairline grout cracks

If you’re going to fix grout cracks – no matter what the size – your best option is to do it correctly. While replacing broken or cracked grout does take more time than applying another product on top, it will ensure the process is completed the right way the first time.

To learn how to fix your cracked grout, look no further than this post on fixing cracked grout in the shower.

If you’re not sure what to do about the hairline cracks in your grout, allow us to take a look. Get a free quote today to learn more about our grout repair services.

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