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Commercial Grout & Tile Restoration Services

Commercial Grout & Tile Restoration Services in Maine

Commercial Grout & Tile Restoration

Do your commercial tile floors suffer from all the wear and tear they get on a regular basis? Do they have a dark, dingy look, even as much as your cleaning crew scrubs them?

Commercial bathrooms, kitchens, and other tiled spaces experience much more traffic than residential spaces. So tile floors in gyms, hospitals, and large public restrooms need more upkeep and maintenance to remain clean, sanitary, and looking their best.

Don’t wait until Health Services comes in to inspect your space.

Grout and tile restoration is the answer.

With grout and tile restoration, your commercial space will have tile floors that look practically brand new. And Tough Grout can help.

With Tough Grout grout and tile restoration, we will:

  • Clean your grout and tile using environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Fix old, cracked grout and replace with the best premium grout in any color you choose. (We can also replace broken or cracked tiles.)
  • Color seal your grout so that it looks like new again, and preserve the floor for additional protection; prevent germs, mildew, and mold; and easy cleaning in the future.
  • Buff your floors to ensure a clean, polished look.
    With grout restoration, you’ll never have to worry about closing your doors to get your floors cleaned and restored. Our team will come in while you are closed and do our work before your doors open again.

Get Regular Service with a Maintenance Plan

Since your commercial space is such a high traffic area, Tough Grout offers Maintenance Plans that can be customized to your space.

With our Maintenance Plans, we will come in the first time for initial treatment: our traditional grout and tile cleaning and restoration services. Once the original services have been completed, we’ll perform regular touch ups on an ongoing basis.

Our Maintenance Plans are flexible and pricing is based on the terms of the agreement.

Ready to learn more about Tough Grout Maintenance Plans for your commercial space? Contact us today to receive a custom estimate!

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