July 23, 2022

5 Budget-Friendly ways to increase your home’s value with kitchen & bathroom updates

Whether you are looking to sell your home now or in the future, there are plenty of inexpensive and simple ways to increase your home’s value.

As a homeowner, you likely know already that the biggest return when you sell will be from your investments in the kitchen and bathrooms. Replacing flooring, countertops, and cabinets can be costly, so how can you make a small investment for a big return?

Here are five of our favorite budget-friendly ways to increase your home’s value with kitchen and bathroom updates.

Update your fixtures

If it’s been some time since your bathroom and kitchen fixtures have been updated, this is a great place to start. Choose fixtures that are neutral in style in order to appeal to a variety of buyers.

Common places to start include the faucet(s) or shower head(s), as these are important for buyers, and can quickly give your kitchen or bathroom more of a luxurious and modern feel. Another easy update that will make a big impact is to replace your cabinet pulls and door knob hardware.

Other more forgotten areas should also be updated, such as lighting fixtures and the light bulbs themselves. Lighting can make a huge difference for buyers as they tour your home: does the house feel warm and well-lit? Or dim and outdated?

Replace cracked or broken tiles

There’s nothing that makes a kitchen or bathroom look worn and feel dingy more than broken or cracked tiles. Specifically, once a potential buyer peeks in your shower and sees any tile issues, you’ll wish you would’ve invested in a tile restoration.

Take the time – or invest in a professional – to update your broken or cracked tiles. These updates will be far more budget friendly than replacing your entire floor, backsplash or wall tile, or shower tiling. These small updates can truly make a big difference.

Color (or clean) your grout

Even without any cracked or damaged tiles, you may feel that your flooring or other tile surface looks outdated. Or, it may even look dirty to you, no matter how many times you scrub it.

Before investing thousands into replacing the tile, consider cleaning or coloring your grout instead. Grout restoration can make a big impact for only a fraction of the cost of a full removal and remodel.

Paint cabinets

Instead of replacing your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, consider updating them with a quick weekend makeover! There are plenty of DIY cabinet painting tutorials and products that make this process easy for homeowners. You can also hire a painting company to spray your cabinets for a flawless finish and save time to work on other projects on this list.

Similarly, a fresh coat of paint on the walls is a quick and easy way to spruce up these spaces. Paint offers the perfect opportunity to create more neutral color palettes, should your current decor not be ideally suited for the largest number of buyers.

Clear the clutter

When selling your home, it’s critical to keep each space as open and airy as possible. That means one thing: removing the clutter! After all, potential buyers don’t want to see your possessions in the home, they want to be able to imagine their own.

In your kitchen and bathrooms, clear the counters of any unnecessary cooking utensils or toiletries and store them away in pantries and cabinets. This is a great opportunity to showcase storage within these areas, so keep everything neat and tidy.

This easy (and free!) tip will make a world of difference as you work to increase your home’s value for potential buyers.

Selling your home doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Make these five budget-friendly updates to your kitchen and bathrooms, and you’ll increase the value of your home right away.

And if you need help with #2 and #3 on our list, Tough Grout is happy to restore your cracked and broken tile or restore your groutGet a free quote today.

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