Tough Grout is the affordable solution to give your tile a long lasting new look.

The Tough Grout Method

A veteran-owned company, Tough Grout only uses industry leading products to ensure our customers' satisfaction. We are not a tile install company, but will perform tile and grout repairs to achieve your like-new tile look.

Tough Grout is a quick, inexpensive process to have your grout treated and color sealed in order to keep your tile floors looking new and beautiful. The finished product will leave a matte finish that makes your grout look like it was just installed, and a floor that is easy to clean and stain resistant. Keep your grout color the same or change it to one of our hundreds of custom colors.

Our Process

Our Process

The restoration of your floor stats with a 4-step process:

1. Floor cleaning: We start by cleaning the tile floor or shower thoroughly.
2. Grout cleaning: The grout is treated with an environmentally safe solution to remove protein and oils that build up over time.
3. Color seal the grout: Color sealing not only brings your floors back to a "like new" condition, it also adds fungicides, bactericides, and mildicides, which will keep your floor looking great for many years to come.
4. Final buffing: Your floor is buffed to bring it back to its original beauty.

For Our Customers

  • Be sure to have extra tile on hand. If you have cracked or broken tile that needs to be replaced, it's important to have tile from the original dye lot on hand.
  • You do not need to move your appliances out of our way; we will work around them!
  • For newer floors, try our clear seal on your newly installed tile to extend the life and like-new look.