Grout Restoration Services in Maine & New Hampshire

Once you build a custom shower, you’ll spend the rest of your life trying to fix it — or at least that’s what it feels like.

Water damages your shower — just as heavy foot traffic can wear your tile flooring — and it’s essential to have professional grout upkeep.

Even with the best grout sealer and regular cleaning, grout restoration is necessary to keep your shower tile or tile floor looking its best. But who has time for that? Tough Grout is here to help.

Tough Grout specializes in grout restoration, so you can spend your time enjoying your beautiful home instead of trying to keep it clean.

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Ready to restore your grout… but not sure what to look for?

Here are three signs that your grout needs to be restored:

  1. Cracks in grout or tile
  2. Cracks around shower hardware (soap dishes, faucets, or valves)
  3. Discoloration in grout

Is your grout cracked, dirty, or grimy?

If you’re unhappy with the look of your grout, grout restoration might be the answer. Over time, grout can become cracked, dirty, and grimy, making your tiles look less than their best.

With grout restoration services, we’ll fix grout cracks and breaks, and color-match your grout to your tile (or vice versa) in order to blend the two together. Then, we’ll re-seal the grout, which can help to protect it from future damage.

What’s the grout restoration process like?

If you’re planning on restoring your grout, you’re likely wondering what the process will be like. Here’s our process at Tough Grout:

  1. Get an estimate from a professional grout restoration specialist. During this in-home visit, a Tough Grout expert will determine how much a grout restoration service will cost for your project.
  2. Our team will efficiently and professionally restore your grout (and any tile, if necessary) within one to two visits. Along the way, we’ll give you updates and let you know in advance if any underlying issues have occurred.
  3. Wait patiently until your grout is dry!
    1. For a tile floor grout restoration, once the grout has been sealed, you’ll be able to walk on it within a day or two.
    2. For shower grout restoration, it’s important to keep showers dry for at least a week to allow the grout to fully cure.
  4. If any issues occur, simply give us a call! We’ll come back and make sure everything looks as it should.
Bathroom shower grout restoration in Maine - before Tough GroutAfter Tough Grout services on shower in Maine
Bathroom floor grout restoration in southern Maine - before photoAfter Tough Grout doing bathroom floor grout restoration
Kitchen Tile Floor Grout Cleaning - before photoKitchen Tile Floor Grout Cleaning - After photo
Custom Shower Tile Cleaning in Maine before photoCustom Shower Tile Cleaning in Maine After Photo

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