April 10, 2022

How to change your grout color – plus 4 benefits of changing it

The grout color you choose for your tile floors, walls, and showers makes a big impact on the overall look and feel of that area.

If you chose your own grout, you likely spent countless hours determining the perfect shade. Years after the tile is installed, however, you may choose to change the look and feel of the flooring or wall tile to match your current style or other updates to your home.

Did you know that you don’t have to replace the tile or the grout entirely to make a big impact? Instead, you can simply change your grout color.

Whether you want to change the color completely or perhaps just restore the grout color to its original luster and brilliance, here’s why grout color matters, the benefits of changing the color, and how to do it.

Grout Color Matters

There was likely much thought around the grout color you chose for your tile wall, floor, or shower. Of course one of the biggest factors you weighed was how the grout would enhance the look of the tile and how the two would work together as a finished product. The aesthetics of your room, the decor in it, and your style were all important factors when you chose a grout color.

You probably also considered how likely the grout color would be to stain – or look dirty – in the area it is located. (For example, homeowners often choose darker grouts on flooring than they might on wall or shower tile.)

4 Benefits of Changing Grout Color

As we’ve already discussed, grout color says a lot about your room and your style. Here are four key benefits of changing the grout color on your floor or wall tile:

  • Inexpensive: Rather than re-tiling or re-grouting, simply changing the color will save you money and give you the impact you’re looking for.
  • Restore your grout: You may choose to update your grout color due to staining over time – the dinginess that you can can never quite get rid of. Not only will a color change make your grout look new and clean again, but the restoration process will mean squeaky clean grout!
  • Prevent future stains: Another option for updating your grout color is to use a sealer, which will prevent any future stains or dinginess that is difficult to clean
  • Style update: If you are looking to give your space a quick style update (or selling your home (link to: previous blogpost)), changing your grout color is a simple and effective way to do so.


How to Change Your Grout Color

You’re officially ready to change your grout color! Here are three different options for doing so.

  1. Grout Cleaning & Restoration If you simply want your grout looking as it once did (with the original bright color and lack of stains), a deep cleaning may be all that you need. Grout restoration will ensure your grout is renewed to its original state and can also be sealed with a clear sealer to prevent future staining or issues.
  2. Grout Sealer By sealing your grout, you get the added benefits of protecting it from future stains and spills, as well as a tight bond with your existing grout. You may choose to seal your grout with the existing color to restore its original beauty, or change the color by using the grout sealer.
  3. Grout StainRather than removing or replacing your grout, color stains are available to alter the grout’s original color. While stains are often applied during the initial grouting process, it is possible to stain your grout after installation. This can be done yourself, but we highly recommend hiring a professional to ensure proper staining.

Save thousands by updating the color of your tile grout, rather than replacing it or the tile itself.

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