April 10, 2021

How to clean a greasy restaurant kitchen floor

Grease and grime are tough on commercial kitchen spaces, particularly a restaurant’s tile and grout. Proper removal of grease and thorough cleaning will not only ensure a safe and inspection-passing workspace, it will also mean a longer lifespan for your flooring.

Unfortunately, many restaurant owners and workers alike are not using proper techniques or products to remove kitchen grease. Here’s how to properly clean your greasy restaurant kitchen floor.

Use the right product(s)

There are plenty of DIY and products for purchase that will help degrease your restaurant’s floors. Our favorite DIY solution can be found here.

If your flooring needs a little stronger solution, a commercial degreaser will need to be purchased. Since these chemicals are often stronger, ensure your staff is properly outfitted (protective eyewear, nose/mouth covering, gloves, and good ventilation) if necessary.

Apply the product properly

We often see or hear about cleaning products not working for our commercial customers simply because they weren’t properly applied. Over time, this can cause faster breakdown (and earlier replacement) of your tile and grout.

Always follow the instructions on a product you purchased (or the step-by-step instructions in our DIY cleaning solution).

Ensure any crumbs or debris are swept or vacuumed up prior to applying any type of degreasing formula to your flooring. Then, consider whether it’s necessary to allow the cleaning solution to sit on your tile and grout before scrubbing and removal or not. (The product’s instructions will explain if this is necessary or not.)

Remove the cleaning product

Many cleaning products – when not removed completely – can cause a slippery or sudsy surface, creating just as much potential for a slip and fall as a greasy floor!

Make sure you – and your employees – thoroughly remove the cleaner (per the instructions) to prepare your kitchen for the next business day and a longer lifespan for your flooring.

We hope these tips for cleaning your greasy restaurant kitchen floor helped ensure a clean and safe environment for you, your staff, and your business.

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