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Grout & Tile Restoration & Services

Grout & Tile Restoration & Repair

Grout & Tile Restoration & Repair Services

Are you unhappy with the way your grout looks? Has it gone from being the same color to having mis-colored, gray, or even black areas? Have you considered removing your grout entirely and starting over?

Tough Grout is here to help.

There’s no need to replace your grout or tile entirely; Tough Grout can help you save by cleaning and restoring your grout to give it the same look you remember. With grout and tile restoration, you’ll save time, money, and keep your home out of chaos from replacing grout and tile.

Grout Restoration & Repair

Tough Grout will not only make your grout look like new, but we’ll also repair and replace broken tile and grout. Plus, after we color seal the grout, you’ll be left with a floor that is easy to clean and stain resistant.

Our Process

Our grout restoration process is not only cost effective, but you’ll be able to enjoy your renewed tile floors in no time at all.

  • We start by prepping and thoroughly cleaning the tile and grout with environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • You can choose to restore your current grout color to its original beauty or change it to one of our hundreds of custom grout colors.
  • We’ll finish by buffing the floor to maintain its immaculate condition.

This process works on all types and colors of grout. We will bring your floor back to almost-new condition. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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